Internet cafes, which were closed during the pandemic period, turn to crypto money mining to cover the damage. Countless cafes stepping into this industry will aggravate the graphics card crisis.

Internet cafes were one of the places where the pandemic process suffered the heaviest damage. Internet cafes, where all kinds of game excitement were experienced for a period, were closed in order not to spread the epidemic and fell into silence.

Mining trend in internet cafe
Operators who open internet cafes by making significant investments have naturally been in great trouble. However, having a complete system creates an opportunity for crypto money mining. In Vietnam, the Internet cafe named Star Computer turned its systems into crypto money mining and started to earn very good income.

The internet cafe owner, who is mainly a computer systems vendor, also has a significant amount of RTX 3080 graphics cards in stock. The seller also calls on other cafe owners to participate in the crypto conversion and will help for free.

There are countless internet cafes around the world, and it could be a good opportunity to engage in mining in this era of cryptocurrency booming. Thus, even if it is closed, a continuous income generation system will be working in the shop.

On the other hand, the systems in internet cafes are quite old and may be insufficient for mining. This means a tendency towards new generation graphics cards. Even the RTX 2080 and RTX 1050 Ti graphics cards, which Nvidia has already re-released, can go in full swing.

In short, we are facing a much bigger graphics card crisis than before. On the one hand, excessive demand, on the other, chip production deficiencies will hit the players. We do not even mention the electrical power to be consumed. Unfortunately, the continuation of the pandemic period will change everything completely.


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