A large amount of cryptocurrencies, now associated with one of the worst frauds in the industry’s history, has now taken action.

Plustoken Starts XRP and EOS Sales

Whale watchers watch the transfer of 26,316,339 EOS worth about $ 67 million. According to the crypto money transfer follower Whale Alert, funds were sent to an unknown wallet from a known PlusToken address.

In addition, Bithomp says a large XRP whale that appeared last week is also connected to Plustoken.

The whale carried 284,774,000 XRP worth about $ 53.7 million in two transactions. Whale Alert says the wallet that sent Bithomp belongs to PlusToken fraudsters, although it identifies the owners of the XRP in question as unknown.

PlusToken is a Ponzi chart launched in South Korea in 2018. It promised its investors high income with “stock market profit, mining income and transfer transactions”.

The thieves behind the scam have long been accused of putting pressure on sales in the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets and are trying to free their assets in exchange for fiat.


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