Bitcoin manages to survive after a sharp rise and by proving its digital presence, stocks surpass other traditional bonds.

If Bitcoin continues to hover at $ 60,000 as of the time of writing, altcoins such as ETH, VET, XMR and FTT can reach the peaks by finding a place in the rise.

Bitcoin, which can show its durability to high-budget traders, also attracts attention from analysts. Jarvis Labs analyst Ben Lilly explains that whales between 100 and 1000 BTC have added 63,000 more Bitcoins to their holdings since February.

While Bitcoins adopted by both whales, companies and countries such as France continue to increase, some private holding companies expect to earn serious revenues in April. The RusOrderTees company maintains its goal of receiving the return of $ 300,000 worth of Bitcoins, which it received in the past month, as $ 1 million in April.

Of course, this allows smaller companies to shift some of their treasury assets from fiat to cryptocurrency. If a progress at this rate continues, a new investor class may be added in the crypto industry very soon.

What’s On This Week In Altcoin Levels
As Bitcoin has risen above its all-time high, it is able to continue its uptrend. Of course, in this case, the Bear Market will want to trap aggressive and new traders by trying to pull the price back below the breakout level. On the other hand, the Bulls will see this rise in Bitcoin as a support.

Ethereum (ETH) manages to break above the Fibonacci retracement levels with $ 1,879k last week. However, the bulls fail to sustain this drink.

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On the VET side, on the other hand, the altcoin, which rose from $ 0.0345 to $ 0.0607 last week, reveals that the bulls are crushing the bear market.

Monero (XMR) is looking for ways to break out of the resistance at $ 232.39 to $ 288.60. But the Bear market is trying to pull XMR to $ 232.39.

This week’s rising move could be FTT. It has continued to rise, rising from $ 35 over the past week. It is estimated to reach $ 50 with this pace.

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