Grayscale, the corporate digital asset management company, which plays a major role in the activity in the crypto money market this year, stated that the value of cryptocurrencies in its possession reached $ 15.5 billion in the tweet shared from its official social media account.

The company, which includes the leading crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and many cryptocurrencies, stated that its net assets under management (AUM) increased to $ 15.5 billion with its latest update.

With the update made in the recent Bitcoin spikes, it is seen that the total crypto money asset is $ 13.7 billion. Even three days after this update, the $ 1.8 billion increase in value has already made the Grayscale company profitable.

The leading crypto currency BTC, with a value of 13,075.8 billion dollars, is seen to be the leader in the asset table. ETH, which ranks second, is among the largest assets in the company with a value of $ 1,896.3 billion.

Increase in Value Without Effort
Grayscale initially worked for 5 months to gain the trust of its customers and invest approximately $ 5.4 billion, this time without effort, it seems that the company has experienced a $ 1.8 billion increase in value within 3 days. Briefly, when we examine the situation, it points to the increase in the interest of the crypto money market and the investors who have just entered the market with this interest.
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