NHL News: San Jose Sharks, one of the ice hockey league (NHL) teams, one of the most popular sports in the United States, announced that they will accept crypto for payments starting June 15. The Sharks will be the first NHL team to do so. It was stated that crypto money will be accepted for season tickets, luxury boxes and sponsorships.



Sharks President Jonathan Becher said of the news:

We accept PayPal, so by definition we also accept cryptocurrencies. Why don’t we just embrace it and make it more visible instead of just doing it through a third party?

Team; It has partnered with BitPay to accept various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more. Becher added on Twitter:

“We will initially accept cryptocurrency for season tickets, suite rentals and partnerships. Other use cases will be evaluated over time, including single game tickets, F&B, and products. Maybe, I think blockchain will have more of an impact on sports and entertainment than people think.”

Cryptocurrencies are on the ice hockey arenas

Relationships between the NHL and cryptocurrencies continue to strengthen. In March, crypto exchange Crypto.com signed a partnership agreement with the Montreal Canadiens.

Fan tokens are seen as an important way for teams to interact with fans. As part of its marketing efforts, NHL’s New Jersey Devils signed an agreement with Socios.com and Chiliz to integrate blockchain technology into audience monetization and interaction. Other major teams and leagues have also partnered with the Blockchain company to launch their own fan tokens.

Beyond the NHL: Crypto in sports

The Sacramento Kings of the NBA were the first basketball team to accept crypto payments for merchandise and tickets in 2014, and others joined the trend later on. As team participation continues to grow, major events like the Olympics aren’t shy about getting involved.


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