With the increase in the number of users due to social isolation due to the coronavirus, Google Duo is adding new features to the video calling app. Some of them were revealed in a post on his official blog.

Firstly, the security and privacy of users was emphasized, reinforcing that calls are encrypted from end to end. In addition, Google said it is working on improvements so that calls are uninterrupted and that it will improve the video codec for simpler internet connections.

Higher number of participants per call
Observing the growth in the number of video calls by Duo, Google decided to increase the number of participants. As of now, the app accepts up to 12 people. It was also revealed that in the coming weeks, up to 32 users will be allowed.

Another announced feature is the possibility to take pictures during calls. Thus, people can record the moments during conversations with just a touch of the screen. The framed image is then shared with the call participants.


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