In addition to the leaked user data, leaked source codes have been added in recent years. Because a claim for Counter Strike Global Offensive source codes was confirmed by Valve. The codes of the famous game spread everywhere.

Counter Strike Global Offensive source codes are not dangerous?
The problems of successful production, which increases its popularity day by day, do not end. CS: GO, which comes to the fore with cheats from time to time, is also talked about because of in-game balances that cannot satisfy players.

Valve, which is the main producer of the game, which is in the online first-person shooter category, announced that a new record was broken in the number of instant players last month. Experienced company, who remained in his house, reacted to the leak.

Living the same fate as Team Fortress 2, CS: GO worried its players. The leak of the source codes caused many people to fuss for their own safety. This chaos environment has temporarily stopped a project of Valve.

A statement was made from the official Twitter account opened for CS: GO. It was noteworthy that there was a very relaxing language in the text of the published statement. The message shared by Valve included the following lines:

“We examined the leaked code. In fact, we believe that a share of the leaks (codes) created by a limited CS: GO engine that was leaked in 2018 and that we gave to our partners in 2017 was reshared. From this point of view, we couldn’t find any reason to worry or to avoid existing updates. ”

Pavel Djundik, who is the operator of SteamDB, also defends Valve’s views and thinks that any leaked code can help the tricks little. Valve wants CS: GO players to play only on official Valve servers at this point.

Finally, Valve recommends that its players use original servers. Not worried about this event, the company added that it will release a new update in an emergency.

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