There are more and more terrains that the streaming platform experiences with its own productions and terror has been one of them. Curon is the name of the new Italian series produced by this company and takes up some of the best qualities of a narrative to give you a good scare.

The series is inspired by a site that actually exists, Curon is a town where you can see a bell tower in the middle of a lake. This is because years ago, part of the area was flooded and, therefore, the population relocated around it.

In this story, Curon is the town where Anna grew up in her first years of life and, although it was never a place where she felt comfortable, after a while she decided to return accompanied by her children, what could possibly go wrong?

In a moment Anna disappears and her children will have to look for her in a place that, in addition to being unknown to them, seems to be cursed, so we will see these characters face natural phenomena while trying to locate their mother.

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Check out Curon’s trailer below and start following this series:

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