Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about Bitcoin in a Clubhouse speech on February 1st and said that BTC is on the verge of wider acceptance.

Clubhouse, one of the most popular social networking platforms of recent days, is an application that allows its users to interact via voice chat rooms. However, only invitees can participate.

At the meeting with Andressen Horowitz and other leading investors, Musk was asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin. If you remember, on January 29, Musk added the word “Bitcoin” to his Twitter bio, causing the price of BTC to rise by over 14% within 30 minutes. After this Musk impact, Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts expected positive comments about crypto from Musk in general. When asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin, Musk said according to industry executives who could listen to the conversation:

“I think Bitcoin is a good thing. I am a supporter of Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is on the verge of being widely accepted by traditional finance. ”

Industry executives are generally optimistic about Musk’s comment on Bitcoin. Greymatter Capital’s partner James Todar said:

“One of the most forward-thinking inventors of our age kidnapped Bitcoin. Currently at the Clubhouse, Elon Musk is talking about a friend who gave him a bitcoin cake in 2013. “Despite being late for the party,” Elon thinks Bitcoin is on the verge of being accepted in the financial field. ”

Dan Tapiero, partner of 10T Holdings, shared a similar sentiment. He said it “feels good” for the richest person in the world to be a Bitcoin supporter.

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Unlike the previous development, Bitcoin’s price retreated by about 3% immediately after Musk commented on the dominant cryptocurrency.


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