It is stated that a hacker group believed to be supported by the Russian state has infiltrated the US Treasury Department and the US Department of Commerce’s internal messaging traffic.

The fact that sensitive information is stored on the Internet or digital resources has directed cyber attackers to corporate networks. Two very sensitive US institutions announced that they were attacked by cyberattacks.

A sophisticated attack
According to the information announced last night, a hacker group estimated to be from Russia; It managed to infiltrate internal email traffic of the US Treasury Department and the US Department of Commerce.

It is stated that the hacker group has leaked to the updates of SolarWinds, which provides high-level tracking services to government agencies. The hacker group, which placed secret codes in the updates published between March and June, thus gained the opportunity to monitor internal traffic.

It is unknown what kind of sensitive information was obtained in this attack, which was carried out at a time when the new President Biden was preparing to take the seat. Many security agencies have been involved in the investigation.

It is stated that the investigation may continue for a long time and there may be no traces of what kind of information may have been stolen in the first place. Russia, on the other hand, absolutely denies the allegations and emphasizes that it is the US made up.


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