The Cyberpunk 2077 Android game is dangerous. The game in the fake game category can steal your personal data.


Google has again officially failed when it comes to security. Ignoring the security of its users, Google is still in trouble because of fake applications on the Play Store. Today, Cyberpunk 2077 has appeared on the Android platform. The game, which cannot work properly even on consoles, has come to Android. Because of this fake game, which was uploaded to the Play Store under the name of CD Projekt RED, Android users’ personal data is stolen.

A large portion of those who downloaded the fake game on the Play Store have handed their user data into the hands of hackers. After this incident uncovered by Kaspersky, the fake game was removed from the Play Store. However, it is not known how this application was approved with this fake name and developer name and published in the store.

Google has major deficiencies in privacy and security. Android users frequently encounter such events. Using malware to avoid stealing your data is an APK outside of the Play Store. You should not upload files and download applications from trusted and well-known developers in the store. Yes, you can ensure your safety thanks to these three basic factors.

Google now needs to control the apps uploaded to the Play Store more tightly. As we enter 2021, it is quite embarrassing for such simple malware attacks to appear.


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