Monday, April 19, 2021

FTX Opens Futures Transactions

The leveraged cryptocurrency exchange FTX added a new product to the stock market following the developments in the oil market. FTX users can trade on the stock exchange with different...

Famous Billionaire: Bitcoin Takes Behind the Wind

Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz evaluated the developments in the world economy. Referring especially to monetary policies in recent weeks, Novogratz thinks that people will turn to products such...

Tether Does Not Stop: 120 Million USDT Has Been Launched

Tether, the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market by total value, remains a safe haven for those who want to escape the increased volatility due to the coronavirus crisis....

Has the bottom level been determined for Ethereum?

Ethereum climbed up to $ 192 on April 19, shocking many crypto investors. The fact that the ETH / USD trading pair rose to $ 192 indicates that the...

Looking at Bitcoin Instant Volatility is Now Easy

Altcoinrookie, one of the domestic cryptocurrency traders, has shared a new news that may be of interest to both Bitcoin and alternative crypto (altcoin) investors. Investors are using various tools...

Bitcoin is Greening Again: Is $ 7,400 Coming?

While the crypto money market has been drawing a downward trend for about 3 days, it is seen that the rise has started as of April 22. In fact,...

Bitcoin Returned Before March 13th

Bitcoin miners have been actively working again, even though they have been slipping in the past weeks. After the developments in recent weeks, the hash rate of Bitcoin has...

Peter Brandt Says He Believes in Bitcoin (BTC)

Experienced trader Peter Brandt, who has been in the commodity trading business since the 1970s, still believes in Bitcoin (BTC), according to his latest tweet. But it questions this...

Is The Message 21 Years Ago Belong To Satoshi Nakamoto?

Speculations are growing, but it's almost impossible to prove. An anonymous message on the Cypherpunks mailing list 21 years ago discusses the idea of ​​"e-cash" / "e-cash". With the emergence...

Ethereum 2.0 Can Trigger the Bull Run

Some crypto analysts and experts believe that the ETH 2.0 update will transform DeFi and trigger a big bull run. Several analysts and experts believe that with the first phase...

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