The price list and features of the 2020 Dacia Sandero model of Dacia have been unveiled. Let’s take a closer look at the technical details and prices of Dacia Sandero 2020.

Dacia Sandero, which is highly preferred in our country with its affordable price and performance according to this price, is very popular with its design, suitable for the city as well as its suitability for various grounds and lands.

The new car of this series, which has been continuing its production since 2007 and this year with the Dacia Sandero 2020 model, provides new innovations to the users and we examine it in this content. Let’s take a closer look at the price list and car features of Dacia Sandero 2020.


Exterior design:

Dacia Sandero series, which continues its life with 2 different safes and a few make-up processes during its production period of more than 10 years, continues its production life with the image it reached at the end of the last make-up process and its modern case used for the last few years. Dacia Sandero 2020 also uses chrome front grilles, satin and chrome front and rear bumper guards that we are familiar with from last year’s model.

Sandero, which also includes many accessories in the exterior design, has a tow bar and bicycle carrier at the rear, while the upper part of the car features roof bars and a roof rack that can be placed optionally. Apart from all these, Dacia Sandero 2020 model has 9 different color options.

Interior design:

2020 model Dacia Sandero welcomes us with a very comfortable and useful interior design. Dacia Sandero, which has a single type of fabric covering option called Stepway, still does not neglect to provide its users with extra comfort with the accessories it adds to the interior design.

In addition to the rather modern-looking front panels and indicators, the Dacia Sandero 2020 uses driver arm support, electric front and rear windows, sockets and many more accessories for the use of the rear seats.


Dacia Media Nav multimedia system:

The Media Nav multimedia system, which we are familiar with the 2019 Dacia Sandero model, is also used in this year’s model. Media Nav, hosted by this 7-inch touchscreen; It enables phone calls with Bluetooth connectivity, creating new routes through navigation and listening to music with USB, Bluetooth and AUX connections.

This year, the Dacia Media Nav multimedia system, which now supports Apple CarPlay, allows you to access applications directly via its touch screen, so you can write and read messages via Media Nav.


Dacia Sandero 2020 is a model that belongs to the mid-low segment and is therefore considered the starting car. As a matter of fact, Sandero’s accessories and safety equipment are also listed by price.

In Dacia Sandero 2020, as we can see in other cars in the mid-low segment; There are safety features such as driver and passenger airbags, AFU (Emergency Brake Assist), ABS and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) at the front.

Rear parking sensor and reversing camera:

This rear view camera, which has both video and audio warning system, also supports drivers with classic depth lines for the rear view cameras.

Hill start support system:

The uphill take-off support we are accustomed to seeing in modern cars is one of the safety features that are not missed in Dacia Sandero 2020. This system, which maintains braking pressure for a few seconds, helps drivers take off safely on the hill without slipping backwards.

Driving assistance systems:

Dacia Sandero, which has ESP (Electronic Stability Program) feature that supports the car’s road holding by interfering with engine speed and braking in the event of loss of grip in bends, also works with ABS braking system supported by AFU system and ESC (which also helps with braking). Dynamic Ride Control) system is in use.

Duoplus Isofix child seat:

One of the indispensable models of new car models today is the child seat. Dacia Sandero, which attaches importance to this extremely important issue, has a comfortable and adjustable Duoplus Isofix child seat that can be used by children between 9 months and 4 years old.

Dacia Sandero engines and fuel consumption

Although Dacia Sandero 2020 originally has two different equipment packages, only the package with the highest equipment called Stepway is sold in our country. All the features mentioned above are also used in the Stepway package. In addition, Dacia Sandero 2020 comes with 2 different engine and gear options.

One of them is a gasoline TCe engine with 90 horsepower, while the other is a diesel Blue dCi engine with 95 horsepower. The gasoline model comes with the automatic gear option, while the diesel model comes with the manual gear option.

Dacia Sandero Stepway TCe 90 hp Easy-R

Inner city (lt / 100 km): 6,1
Out of town (lt / 100 km): 5.5
Average (lt / 100 km): 5.7

Dacia Sandero Stepway Blue dCi 95 hp Manuel

Inner city (lt / km): 4.1
Out of town (lt / km): 3,8
Average (lt / km): 3,9


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