A new application was added to the so-called “zoom alternative application”. Say Namaste, carrying the seal of India, draws attention with its features. This app wants to take advantage of Zoom’s errors.

Zoom alternative application: What does Say Namaste offer?

The home working model, which has become widespread thanks to the Corona virus, has become a favorite of many companies. In this context, video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Team and Google Meet have also increased their popularity.

Say Namaste management, which analyzes Zoom’s security mistakes one by one, takes place on both iOS platform and Android platform. The application that has already exceeded 100 thousand downloads in the Google Play Store is quite ambitious.

Say Namaste, who thinks that many users complain about Zoom’s security issues, is also supported by the politicians of India.

This platform, previously used only through a browser, now also serves on mobile devices. So what does the Zoom alternative application offer? His characteristics are the kind that doesn’t look for Zoom.

Managers working for Say Namaste; invited users who want to meet with their families, friends and peers to use this application. As with all other video conferencing programs, this application also has basic features.

Indian software, which comes up with options such as screen sharing, chat history, document sharing, PDF support, reading presentations and sharing media files, does not force users to register. People who are not registered can also use this software.

Namaste, whose meaning in Sanskrit is to greet and bow, does not have a special meaning in terms of software. Finally, up to 50 people can attend a meeting in both the browser version and the mobile version of this software.


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