The top selling and promoting models of the smartphone market are definitely Chinese manufacturers, not counting Samsung. Huawi, OPPO, realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, iOQQ and many such companies have almost dominated the phone market. However, dangerous obstacles may arise for these companies at any time. You understand very well what we are talking about …



As is known, Huawei has been subjected to dozens of sanctions due to the USA in the last few years. These sanctions, which have been imposed on the Chinese manufacturer since the Trump administration, have made the company’s sales almost indigenous. Even worse, licenses were revoked and bans imposed within Google services in global markets. However, each blow continued to give power to Huawei. Because, after this situation, the Chinese manufacturer established its own ecosystem and declared a technological war against the USA. Last year, Huawei announced its operating system, HongmengOS version 2.0, saying “we are not dead yet.” However, Trump does not give up this situation. We can say that one ends and passes over to another, so to speak.

A new situation similar to Huawei has emerged that threatens Xiaomi today. According to the information received, the Trump administration added 9 more companies, including Xiaomi, to the list it previously created from Chinese manufacturers. This list is directly linked to the Chinese Government and prohibits working with US companies.

It seems that the Trump administration ranks Xiaomi as one of the dangerous companies that violate the privacy of the United States. Currently no sanctions have been imposed, but we can also say that this is not far away. If that happens, Xiaomi cannot work with Qualcomm, just like Huawei, and is prohibited from negotiating with other US companies. Most importantly, Google licenses are revoked and they can no longer receive Android updates. Even worse, it becomes unable to use any apps that require Google Services. Hopefully Trump won’t activate these disgusting sanctions inside Xiaomi. Let’s wait and see …


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