After the writer of the famous Harry Potter saga, JK Rowling, was accused of transphobia, Daniel Radcliffe shared his position through some statements, defending the LGBT community that recently felt attacked by Rowling’s comments.

The actor, who gave life to Harry Potter for years, said that he hoped that the author’s comments did not affect the perception of the books he has written, much less the history that each one formed while reading them.

In addition, he pointed out that if trans women have decided to identify themselves in this way, then no one has the right to indicate otherwise, since it would be an attempt against their dignity and identity.

According to Daniel, if Harry Potter has been a part of your life, has accompanied you and has given you a refuge or a teaching, then you should keep it with you, as well as your experience with him, which is why he expects the statements of JK Rowling do not have a negative effect on the Potter story.

Daniel has supported The Trevor Project for several years, which revolves around preventing suicide for people who identify as LGBT.

Recently, JK Rowling shared an article on COVID-19 in his Twitter account where he talks about ‘menstruating people’, which he accompanied with a comment in the form of mockery, indicating that, in his opinion, it should simply say ‘ women ‘, an action that unleashed a series of criticisms against him.

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