Netflix has offered to catalog many series that, without the platform, it is unlikely that they would reach television.

The German series “Dark” is one of them. Released in 2017, it begins with the disappearance of a teenager in a small German town, and through this event a plot unfolds that involves time travel and time lines that collide with each other.

After its second season in 2019, there was much doubt about the return of the series to the streaming platform, until it was officially announced that it would come to an end in a third season, which is getting closer.

Baran bo Odar, creator of the series, has recently confirmed the post-production completion of the final season of the series, ensuring that it is ready for its premiere.

Odar ensures in the publication that the teaser will be released soon. The series gained recent popularity after it became viral that a nuclear apocalypse is taking place in the series universe on June 27, 2020. There is no confirmed date for its release yet.


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