Lada Niva, the iconic 4×4 model of the Russians, will be completely renewed for the first time in 45 years of production. The new generation Niva, which will be built on the CMF-B platform, will be with us in 2024.

We are going through a very active period for Lada Niva, which has become an icon in the automotive world with its unchanging design for 45 years. This time, a statement came about the new generation of the Lada Niva legend.

We learned that Lada, which is preparing to enter a serious transformation process under the auspices of the Renault Group, will launch four new models by 2025. One of these four models will be the new generation of Lada Niva. The brand even shared a teaser (above) about it. Judging by the hint, Lada Niva will be modernized by staying true to its roots.

Explaining that the work on the subject has begun, the company stated that the new generation Lada Niva will be launched in 2024. Lada will not be satisfied with this and will introduce a brand new model for the C-SUV segment in 2025. Lada’s new models will also be built on the CMF-B platform, just like the production version of the Dacia Bigster introduced today.

The new generation Lada Niva will have two different body types expressed as compact and medium. We can expect these to appear as the current two 3 and 5 gates. In addition, it is stated in the statement made by the brand that the new generation Niva will not compromise its ability and strong character in difficult terrain conditions. Apart from that, there is no explanation about the technical features or design of the vehicle.

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Lada Niva was recently sold under the name “4×4”. The brand has recently made an official statement and announced that the iconic model will now be sold under the name “Lada Niva Legend”, which includes its first name. Until now, some concept studies for the new generation of Niva have emerged, but there has been no movement on the production side. We hope this time we can meet a more modern Niva.


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