As a result of the negative criticism of Suicide Squad, the release date of Peacemaker, the spin-off series of The Sucide Squad movie, which will relaunch the series with different characters, has been approved.

The first movie of Suicide Squad, one of the important comic book series in the DC universe, was released in 2016, but unfortunately it was not a very popular movie. Currently, the second movie, The Suicide Squad, is waiting for the release date with its completed production. As you know, a series will come for Peacemaker, one of the characters of this new movie.

Peacemaker Coming in 2022

There were rumors that the Peacemaker series, which started shooting in the past months, will be aired in 2022. Now Warner Bros has officially confirmed that the series will air in January 2022.

As you can understand, the main focus of the Peacemaker series is the Peacemaker character, but other Suicide Squad characters are also expected to appear in the series. John Cena stars in the series. The series will consist of 8 episodes and air on HBO Max. The series is said to have a much bigger production than other works on TV.


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