With the start of season 2 of Fortnite chapter 2, several files were leaked, but what surprises us most is the fact that Epic Games did not hide the fact that Deadpool is the secret Skin of this season 2’s battle pass from the famous Battle Royal.

Even within the same agency (new lobby to see the progress of our battle pass) Deadpool has its own “office” in which it has several articles with its logo and a computer in which we will accept weekly challenges to unlock this famous character from the Marvel comics.

Deadpool is very well adapted to Fortnite, and is not the only collaborative Skin that Epic Games has with Marvel, these being the first for the “Avengers: Endgame” Black Widow and Star Lord.

Season 2 will last 2 months and 10 days, enough time to reach level 100 and completely unlock the battle pass, with Deadpool as a goal in the matter of Secret Skin, we have hours of fun in this famous battle royal video game.

Fortnite season 2, chapter 2 is available, and your battle pass can be obtained by 950 V-Bucks in the same game store.

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