According to information received today, the South Korean manufacturer joins forces with the Samsung Olympus brand. So what is this study for?


In the smart phone market, the brands working with major photography brands dates back to the 2000s. Because the first manufacturer that started this business is Nokia. Nokia has worked with Carl Zeiss for many years, making great strides in mobile photography. Today, Vivo is working with the Zeiss brand. Later, in the Huawei P9 series, which was put on the market in 2016, the Chinese manufacturer announced that it has started to work with Leica. Leica is truly one of the coveted brands in the industry. As mentioned above, Vivo Zeiss and OnePlus brand have also started to work with strong brands such as Hasselblad. Today, rumors are emerging that it will work with the Samsung Olympus.

When we look at the Olymupus brand, we see that the first establishment took place on October 12, 1919. Olympus, which started to operate in Japan in 1919 and produced both optical lenses and microscopes, started to produce cameras and cameras in 1936. Brand awareness is very low in our country. Although it is good for Samsung to work with an experienced brand like Olympus; is not popular.


What Will The Samsung Olympus Partnership Offer Us?

According to the information received, Samsung will appear on the camera side more assertively than ever in the next year. Because the world’s largest camera sensor GN2 used in Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra models today is produced by Samsung and it seems that it will take the work to another level on the camera side in the Galaxy S22 series with the support of the South Korean manufacturer Olympus.


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