We review the data known so far from the new work of Arkane Studios. Deathloop will arrive in late 2020 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Deathloop’s presence during the first PlayStation 5 carousel caught everyone off guard. It was one year since its presentation in society as part of the E3 2019 framework. Arkane Studios returned with a project with a strong personality, influenced by the art of the 60s under its personal imprint. There is life beyond Dishonored.

What we did not know at first is that Deathloop would leave behind the hardware that has accompanied us for the last 7 years. As they often repeat, it has been created “with the new generation in mind”. We know all the details revealed so far of one of the great releases of 2020.

Die, die again

The title comes from the search to try something different, to get out of your comfort zone. A “more intimate” game that revolves around “a great idea, a place, a challenge, a moment in time and a relationship,” says Dinga Bakaba, director of the game, to the official Bethesda blog.

Deathloop transports us to the island of Blackreef, a retro-futuristic environment in which two assassins find themselves caught in eternal combat. We will play Colt, a prisoner of the loop who wakes up every morning on the same lonely beach. He has a clear goal: to finish off Aleksis Dorsey, who heads a list of eight vital objectives to put an end to the nightmare that keeps him kidnapped.

The inhabitants of Blackreef live in a perpetual party. They wouldn’t bother anyone if it wasn’t for their… extravagant tastes. They can think of no more fun than to murder Colt over and over again. Their efforts so far have been in vain, until we arrived. The study has repeated on many occasions the importance of knowing what we are dealing with. As in his previous works, observing the environment, the behavior of the enemy and what tools they use is essential to carry out our plan in one life.

We will die again and again. Each restart of the loop opens a new opportunity. Pure trial and error that turns defeat into a small personal victory. Our company would be easier if it weren’t for the presence of Julianna Blake, the other assassin. Its mission is to preserve the loop in case the rest of the island perishes before Colt. The young woman will be present at all times observing, looking for an opportunity to hunt us down and return us to the starting box.

“She enjoys winning and losing as much, but she’s hell-bent on preventing Colt from breaking the loop. She wants nothing more than to continue this deadly game of cat and mouse for all eternity. She is a very striking person, who does not care about the consequences or the voice of conscience, “explains Dinga.

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1v1 multiplayer: break the rules

The usual single player formula that characterizes them adds a multiplayer component 1 against 1. Julianna can be controlled by another player who invades you through the internet. This creates a deeper experience if possible. At any time, a visitor may appear who simply wants to have fun ending your life. We don’t know at the moment if that will have benefits when we return to Colt.

There will be two options to choose how it will unfold. One will cause the killer to be controlled by a mix of artificial intelligence and random players; another, in which the invasions will be deactivated so that it is only the AI ​​that beats the rhythm. This does not affect the weight of the storyline at all, only the gaming experience you are immersed in.

Both Colt and Julianna will have different skills that focus their style of play on different modalities. The protagonist will have at his disposal hacking devices and the possibility of returning after dying. If we decide to jump to it towards the worlds of other users, we will be able to blend in like any other NPC in the world, in addition to having the help of all the inhabitants of the island.

Colt tries to meet his goals at any cost, and Julianna just wants to have fun. He wants Colt to continue playing his game. What she likes is to take risks and strut, and she cares more about enjoying the ‘game’ than winning in each match, ”explains its director. It has not transpired what happens if Julianna is killed, although she will most likely be temporarily absent.

Thought for the new generation

It should be noted that the console exclusivity is temporary. We don’t know what the time frame will be in the competition, but it will end up doing so. As we said at the beginning, Deathloop has been developed with the new generation in mind. On PlayStation 5 it will display 4k resolution at a rate of 60 images per second.

We do not know to what extent it will take advantage of the capabilities of PS5 beyond the technical objective. The company points to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as protagonists of the sensations at the controls of the DualSense. We will know more in the coming weeks.

Deathloop will accompany the launch of the console in late 2020. At the same dates it will also come to PC.


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