Debian 10.8 comes with new software patches and updates.The Debian Project announced the release of Debian 10.8, the eighth update for its stable release, Debian 10.

The developers underline that the additional update does not create a new version of Debian 10, it only updates some of the packages it contains. In this sense, it is stated that there is no need to throw away the old media and after the installation the packages can be upgraded to existing versions using an up-to-date Debian connection.

Some packages that receive updates with Debian 10.8 include Firefox ESR, Chromium, Flatpak, VLC, Linux kernel, OpenSSL, X.Org, APT and Thunderbird. Additionally, NVIDIA graphics drivers are also updated with a newer version that resolves a denial of service issue.

Debian 10 was first released on July 6, 2019, and is scheduled for long-term support by 2024. Each new version of Debian arrives every two years, but the launch dates are not fixed. If there is no delay, Debian 11 will also arrive this year. Debian 10 will be downgraded to its former stable status with Debian 9, which was maintained by the main Debian security team until July 18, 2021.

It was previously revealed that the Debian 13 version will be called Trixie, a Toy Story character.


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