Although Monero is trading in a narrow range, it has once again approached the $ 164 resistance level in the past few hours. Last week, it showed an upward trend and remained above the midpoint. Dash, on the other hand, constitutes a not yet approved comb trading model.

Monero (XMR) price analysis

In mid-December, the XMR touched $ 164 and dropped to $ 142 a few days later. Since then, the price has mostly traded at the $ 148-164 support and resistance levels.

The attempt to break in either direction was reversed very quickly and occurred at a good volume, indicating that the market was not ready for such a move.

However, we may see this break in the next few days. The trading volume remained stable and the RSI showed a neutral momentum even as the XMR approached the $ 164 level.

It is likely to trade sideways under resistance for a while before seeing a breakout in the bullish, offering $ 180 as a target for the bulls.

Dash (DASH) price analysis

DASH created a reverse and rising comb that has not yet been verified. This bullish pattern sees the price retesting the pattern’s peaks (in this context, at $ 113) and bullish.

The stochastic RSI has plunged into the oversold zone and is recovering, while the MACD is showing strengthening bearish momentum.

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A close below the $ 100-98 base set in the past few hours could indicate that the coin could go further down and override the pattern.


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