The German government has decided to extend the measures taken in the fight against the Corona epidemic until 5 July. Federal Government Spokesperson Steffen Seibert, who confirmed the news on the issue, announced that the hygiene rules will remain valid until this date, in addition to the social distance.

Stating that there will be relaxes about the possibilities of gathering together, Seibert stated that ten members of two households can come together in indoor spaces or public spaces. We do not want “he justified. The government previously announced that the measures were extended until June 5th upon the reduction and spread of the number of cases, while the decision to open stores and start gradually education in their schools, as well as to remove some other life-limiting measures.

9 billion Euro bailout plan for Lufthansa on the verge of bankruptcy

On the other hand, an agreement was reached between the German airline Lufthansa and the federal government, which was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the Corona virus epidemic. In a statement made by the Federal Ministry of Economy, talks between the government and Lufthansa representatives for weeks have ended and signing a contract to save the company. Accordingly, the government will provide Lufthansa with 9 billion Euros and will own a 20 percent stake. The government had previously requested a 25 percent partnership with the company through the flow of credit, and also requested the veto right in the decisions to be taken. Refusing to go under heavy burden in exchange for the rescue package, Lufthansa Chairman Carsten Spohr said that they would not accept these conditions and that they could go bankrupt by arbitration if necessary. While the compromise reached was defined as Lufthansa’s victory,

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Flights to some European countries begin on June 15

Lufthansa, Europe’s first and 9th largest airline company in the world, has a fleet of 760 aircraft and 138 thousand workers. However, the number of passengers of the company, which has reduced its capacity to 20 percent due to the epidemic, has decreased to 1 percent of the number of passengers it has carried before the crisis. Lufthansa, the German company that has received the deepest blow from the corona crisis, has announced that it will restart its flights to 20 destinations in Europe, possibly starting June 15. These cities include Majorca from Spain, Ibiza, Crete and Rhodes from Greece, and Venice from Italy. The list does not include Lufthansa’s regular flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Istanbul. An official reported that the decision on when these flights will start will be announced next week.

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