With the beta version of Apple iOS 14.5, users were able to unlock their iPhones with Face ID (provided they wear an Apple Watch) while wearing a mask. It’s been almost a week since the beta came out, and some users using beta have discovered another change that comes with the update. With the new iOS 14.5, the default music application can also be changed with applications such as Spotify and Deezer.



When users asked Siri to play a song, Siri started asking which app you’d like to play the song on. Additionally, you can have Siri always play songs from a third-party app that you have set as default. This wasn’t possible before on iOS, and was one of the reasons Apple Music competitors (like Spotify) were annoyed by Apple prioritizing their services over third-party services.

This feature is still in beta, so Reddit users report that this feature is buggy every now and then. Users also reported that they will also ask which app to use in CarPlay. However, when you want Siri to play a specific track on Spotify, it asks for permission from Spotify to access the data and only plays the track you want, but when saying “play some music” Siri still uses Apple Music by default.

There’s no menu option to access the feature, Siri asks you to choose a specific app at first, and at other times Siri uses Apple Music by default. Some users even reported that even with an account with Apple Music installed and active, Siri only set Spotify as default after asking once. It is possible to add this feature to the menu as an option in later versions of beta.

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With iOS 14, Apple started allowing users to choose default third-party mail and browser apps. These changes seem to be the result of Apple’s credibility-breaking investigations that have flared in the past few years. Apple has been accused of using App Store rules and fees to monopolize Apple Apps and services based on the user base of third parties.


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