Google has been fighting against malware that has been collecting information for a long time, and sometimes falls short. Google Play, which has been cleaning the Android store for years and still taking measures against malware, has come up with a new scandal. Again, an application was discovered that collects information and sends viruses to users’ phones. Google Play Barcode Scanner has infiltrated millions of devices.



The barcode scanner in the Android app store and used on more than 10 million devices was among the Play Pass applications. This application, which has been used on millions of devices until today, not only collects Android users’ information, but also gives them various viruses. With its discovery, the application, which was removed from devices one by one, still hosts millions of users.


Google Play Barcode Scanner Spreads Virus

The application, which was found to be spreading a virus and gathering information, was removed from Google Play. The application was removed to be uninstalled, but the developer’s account of the application was neither suspended nor audited. While the developer’s account continues to exist on the store, it is seen that the danger for users is not over.

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The developer of the application continues to expand its network by offering different applications on Google Play, which currently has millions of users. The application, which distributes viruses to users with fake security questions, was exposed by attaching to the network of the famous security company Malwarebytes. Barcode Scanner, which tells users to install a cleaner application with fake security questions, opens a web browser and presents the virus to users.

We recommend our readers to delete the app that has the “com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner” extension.


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