Galaxy S20 News: Samsung, the leader of the smartphone market, has released the June 2021 security patch for the Galaxy S20 series. Download now.


New news continues to come in Samsung, which has been the subject of our news with updates since the beginning of 2021. The company, which offers updates to its millions of users, puts a smile on the face. The company, which has released various updates for phone and tablet owners without saying old and new, does not stop. The company, which has numerous phone models, earns millions of dollars with its phone models. The company, which will soon introduce a huge 14.6-inch tablet model, released the June 2021 security patch for the Galaxy S20 series this morning.

Samsung company, which released the June 2021 security patch for many smartphone models in the first week of May, continues to be on our radar with good news. A new update has been announced.

June 2021 Security Patch Released For Galaxy S20 Series

Samsung, which draws attention with the importance it gives to updates, is preparing to get full points from its users. The update, released for the 20 series with the version number G98xxXXS8DUE4, was released to users in the UK this morning. The file size of the update, which fixed many bugs, was not shared with users. However, considering that the update brings patches, we can say that a high file size is not expected. As in every update, the company focused on major errors in this update. In addition, the update that fixes the errors expressed on the phone will soon be available to users around the world.


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