Dell announced laptop models ahead of CES 2021. Announced models are the Latitude 9000, 7000 and 5000 series products.


One of the prominent features of the Latitude 9000 series, which is updated with Intel’s 11th generation processors, is a privacy-focused webcam. With a curtain called SafeShutter, the webcam will be turned off when you are not using it. The camera with this feature is included in the Latitude 9420 and 9520 models. Latitude 9420 and 9520 models are 2-in-1 laptops.

Dell Latitude series announced

Includes camera quality improvement and more advanced speakers to make it more suitable for home study and education use. The Latitude 9420 starts at $ 1949. The Latitude 9420 and 9520 will be available in the spring, and the price of the Latitude 9520 will be announced when it goes on sale.

The Latitude 7520 model, on the other hand, offers a 15-inch 4K display with an optional Full HD webcam. The price requested for the product is 1649 dollars. It will be available from January 12th.

The Latitude 5420 and Precision 3560 models contain 21% bioplastic in their covers. The Latitude 5420 has a starting price of $ 1049. The Precision 3560 has a price tag of 1189 dollars.


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