In an interesting move, Dell launched a USB-C adapter with integrated microphone. The Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone (MH3021P) is a conference solution that integrates multiple connections into a single device.

The device is a direct response to the growth in the use of applications and services like Zoom or Skype. They, which have become part of the daily lives of many remote workers, have fueled both the debate and the consumer market about the home office.

“Maintain productivity in your home or office with the world’s first multi-port adapter with integrated speakerphone,” says the product page. The idea is to offer a product with higher quality than the microphone used in notebooks, for example. According to Dell, the product’s microphone is omnidirectional.

Due to its compact size, Dell also highlights its ease of transport. Also, that it is not necessary to “download any software to have a ready-to-use solution” as “additional drivers are not required”.

Accessory of current times

It has two microphones, in addition to the speaker and LED indicators. Among the ports available on the hub, there is a USB-C power with a maximum power of 90W. It has two type connectors in total. There is also the USB-A 3.1 port (10Gbps) and an HDMI 2.0 port that supports 4K resolution (with HDR and 60Hz refresh rate).

What is left out, however, can also be considered important: it does not have an Ethernet port or connectors for memory cards.

Nowadays, with the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), the Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone makes sense. On the other hand, its price is high: on the brand’s website, you can find it for $ 199.

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