Although green PCBs have been replaced by black circuit boards for a long time, Dell continues this tradition with great determination in the graphics cards it uses in its ready-made systems.

Ready systems stand out especially with cost-oriented decisions. The RX 6800 XT, which Dell uses in Alienware systems, also carries an important trace of these decisions.

Although the RX 6800 XT, which is stated to be used by Dell in Alienware systems, resembles AMD’s reference design Radeon VII model in terms of its design, the RX 6800 XTs with a more impressive design, which have a more impressive design, were previously displayed on Lenovo’s chassis.

Green PCB card after a long time

The solution used by Dell is a structure that occupies 2 slots with 3 fans active cooling. Although there is a plate on the back of the card, which does not bear the logo or name of any brand, all these have not prevented the green PCB’s efforts to be seen with determination.

It should be surprising for many gamers to encounter the green PCB, which is not seen in even the cheapest models these days, after years. However, the use of cards in mostly invisible cases explains the choice of PCBs.

While the PCB called MS-395 Ver 3.1 is thought to be produced by MSI, it is thought that the company preferred this PCB in Ventus models.


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