After the love breaks and the difficult moments she went through in her career, Demi Lovato seems to have found the key to happiness in her partner Max Ehrich.

The engagement was confirmed recently, but it seems that the few months that they have known each other have been enough to strengthen love, since both could take the next step and say yes in front of the altar. Que???? We tell you what we know.

According to DailyMail information, the couple decided to walk the streets of Malibu, California, the city where they have spent the quarantine together and getting to know each other better. Demi seems to be very excited about him, since he assures that he loves her with everything and her flaws.

News of a possible engagement broke out after a source close to the couple reported that the two have discussed a wedding, even her family would be excited about the idea. The witness added that the next step in their relationship would be in the coming months due to the pandemic.

Demi and Max have only dated for almost 3 months, but the source assures that they are a great support for each other, by living together they are discovering which way their romance is heading.

The singer seems to have found happiness in someone who understands what she has been through. So far, the news has not been confirmed, both have kept their courtship private, sharing as little as they can.


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