The actress surprised all her fans with this new announcement

After having impacted her most loyal admirers with a documentary in which she filtered the details of her private life, Demi Lovato repeats once again the formula for her success and now she reveals in a new audiovisual all the details of how she achieved sobriety. after much effort and always following the medical indications that sought to save his life in the midst of the depression in which he came to be.

In this sense and with the collaboration of YouTube, the former Disney girl will now face in the three years that followed the premiere of the Simply Complicated special, where the interpreter will reveal the details of her professional life now that she feels much better and ready to go back on stage, as demonstrated in the music video where she shares with her British colleague, Sam Smith and where she plays I’m Ready.

This new job will seek to provide a solution to what followed that overdose and subsequent hospitalization in 2018, where her life was constantly in danger. Although at that time she did not hesitate for a second to issue a statement through her manager, Demi Lovato promised to continue fighting the battle and remain in rehab until completely improved.

In this way, Lovato follows in the footsteps of her colleague Justin Bieber, who premiered a few weeks ago a new documentary series with the same director with whom Demi will work and who continues her life in quarantine, along with her wife, Hailey Bieber. It is important to mention that these ideas came from the mind of her manager, Scooter Braun, who in turn maintains a strong rivalry with Taylor Swift.


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