Call of Duty Warzone connection error has been the biggest problem of the players. Hearing the actors’ voice, Activision started working on the mistake. The solution of the long connection time is also on the agenda.

After updating the game on April 28, there is a problem connecting to the game. After the update of about 15 GB, the errors started to appear.

Call of Duty Warzone connection error will be resolved
One of the most played games of recent days was Call of Duty Warzone. After the update that came to the game played by millions of players, big problems started to occur. When the players want to enter the game, they get an error that the connection cannot be established. It may take a long time to connect the game even if it does not receive any errors.

It also takes time for players to pick up and load the map after choosing a mode within the game. Activision, who stated that he has information about Call of Duty Warzone connection error, said, “We started fixes for the problems encountered in Modern Warfare and Warzone during the match for the match and the long waiting time.” said. The statement was made on the official Twitter account.

It was also stated that there were problems in in-game speech. It was stated that there is a study for these. In the statement made for this problem, it was stated that the developer team is aware of the problem and will be included in the next update package.

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Games are the biggest choice for spending time nowadays, which are at home within the scope of epidemic measures. The game attracted attention with its high usage numbers early after the release date. In addition, many new game modes have been added to the game. The game does not only contain survival battle royale mode. TDM, flag war, bloody money mode is also very popular.


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