We learned that three AnTuTu apps were removed from the newer Google Play Store. There was no explanation either by Google or by AnTuTu. According to a recently reported statement, the reason for the removal of AnTuTu apps removed from Google is stated as “misunderstanding”.

Annotation for AnTuTu apps removed from Google
The annotation for the popular comparison application AnTuTu, which has been removed from the new Google Play Store, has arrived. As you know, Android apps store, which has received a lot of criticism in terms of privacy policies, plans to tighten these policies. It was time for the applications of AnTuTu on Google, which removed many applications.

Amelie Liu, the official of AnTuTu applications, who made a statement to Gizchina shortly after this move, says there is a misunderstanding for the applications removed from the Google Play Store.

In the published news, it is determined that Cheetah Mobile has committed a privacy violation. For this reason, AnTuTu applications are removed from the Play Store. However, Amelie Liu says that this company only invested in them, that they are not partners or shareholders, so it is a misunderstanding that they punish their companies due to them.

In other words, AnTuTu does not belong to Ceetah Mobile, so it can be brought back to the applications. According to the statement in the news, the reason that Google thinks that AnTuTu belongs to Ceetah Mobile is based on the fact that it purchases and uses legal services from the company.

The company then shows its privacy policy link as cmcm.com address. The company official predicts that things will go back on track with a review by Google.

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What happened
Three AnTuTu apps, whose developer appeared as Cheetah Mobile, were removed from the Play Store for violating Google’s privacy policies. No explanation was made on the subject and some predictions were made. According to the estimates made by AppBrain, Google has removed three apps due to Cheetah Mobile, who has a criminal record in terms of privacy policies.


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