According to the post made from Ubisoft’s official Twitter account and then deleted, Far Cry 6 will only be available in 4K resolution on Xbox One X and Series X. Of course, this indicates that a new war will begin between consoles.

Ubisoft, the developer company that the game world is looking forward to, has managed to attract the attention of many players with the Ubisoft Forward event it organized recently. The company, which distributed Watch Dogs 2 for free to everyone who watched the event, showed new games and innovations to the existing games at the event.

One of the biggest new games Ubisoft showed at the event was Far Cry 6, the new game of the Far Cry series. After publishing the cinematic trailer of Far Cry 6 at the event, Ubisoft immediately launched the game’s preorders and announced the release date and price of the game.

New development that upset those planning to buy PlayStation 5:

Far Cry 6 will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Stadia platforms on July 18, 2021. However, although the game players are delighted, today there has been an improvement that will turn those who want to buy PlayStation 5 back on the road.

Some users on Twitter have begun to ask Ubisoft any little but very important information they discovered on the cover of Far Cry 6. The detail that was discovered on the cover of the game and stated in a small way showed that Far Cry 6 can only be played on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X in 4K resolution.

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Ubisoft Support, Ubisoft’s official support account, which responded to one of these Tweets, confirmed the allegations by sharing the same cover image and showing the detail on the cover with an arrow. Tweette shared by Ubisoft said “Hello! As mentioned on the cover, Far Cry 6 will only be 4K Ultra HD on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. ” statement took place.

Although Ubisoft has officially made this verification, the reason is that it decided to delete the shared Tweet. However, before this decision was made, this decision about Far Cry 6 was shared in many places. As we can see from this decision of Ubisoft, together with the new generation consoles, the players will go through a long thought process about which console to buy. An interesting console war is waiting for us.


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