Trader Christopher Jaszczynski has shared a chart that shows that Bitcoin is profitable in 87% of the days since 2010, while another trader says the Bitcoin (BTC) structure is on the rise.

Bitcoin (BTC) Interest is Increasing
Even institutional investors are attracting everyone’s attention as a result of the US distributing money from the air. The drop in oil prices also contributed to this at the beginning of the week.

Meanwhile, a crypto trader shared a chart showing why Bitcoin could be considered a safe haven against traditional assets for ten years.

‘Bitcoin (BTC) Gained 87% Profit’
In his last tweet, cryptocurrency analyst and trader Christopher Jaszczynski shared a chart showing how profitable the BTC price has been at the time below $ 0.1.

87% (3,082) of 3,538 days in total are profitable

‘Bitcoin (BTC) Goes to $ 8,000- $ 8,200’
Trader @CryptoCapo_ thinks the BTC structure is on the uptrend. The analyst expects Bitcoin to rise to $ 8,000-8,200 after retesting the previous highs as support.

Trader @ CRYPT0HULK states that BTC will not rise to $ 8,000 if Bitcoin is trapped in the $ 7,300 – $ 7,600 range.

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In order for Bitcoin to reach 8 thousand dollars, it has to be out of the range of 7300-7600 dollars.

Will Gold Fall Soon?
These days, as much as Bitcoin, the price of gold draws attention. Trader Henrik Zeberg said he saw a Bear Flag on the GDX chart. The analyst stated that this pattern has been perceived as a massive sign of decline since 2015. Zeberg believes that gold is about to start falling out of here.


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