The coronavirus epidemic has definitely influenced the whole world, and the exact time it will go is still unclear. The fact that the number of Bitcoin ATMs is constantly increasing seems to be a surprising development at the moment when people are closed to their homes within the scope of coronavirus measures.

It is seen that the number of Bitcoin ATMs experienced a serious increase only in April. According to the information provided by the ATM data tracking site Coinatmradar, there are currently more than 7,729 Bitcoin and crypto ATMs in 72 countries.

Leading USA in Bitcoin ATMs
The country that is the leader in the number of ATMs worldwide seems to be the USA. It is seen that there are a total of 5,749 ATMs across the country in the USA. Los Angeles is ranked first with 558 ATMs, second with Chicago 292, third with Atlanta 283, fourth with Miami 263, and Houston with fifth. It is quite surprising that Las Vegas is at the end with 126 ATMs.

It is known that Bitcoin ATMs are very effective in promoting cryptocurrencies to mainstream audiences and showing how easy it is to use.


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