Bungie wants to remove barriers during the seasons. Starting at 12 we can jump to narrative content regardless of the date in Destiny 2.

Bungie begins to settle his improvement proposals for the beginning of the fourth year. As they point out on its website, the company wants all the activities of each season to be enjoyed regardless of when you start playing.

In this way, as of season 12, the “hard core of the activities experience will not disappear when the seasons are over,” they explain. That is, future seasons will allow you to jump to the oldest content without having to meet the specific requirements of the previous ones.

The study gives an example of the Season of Dawn. When finished, we would lose the opportunity to live the adventure to save San-14, the adventures to obtain exotics such as Devil’s Ruin and Bastion and the activity of the Solar clock, among others. Being able to live those moments without being forced to do it during your active period. “That’s our idea for Year 4,” says Bungie, although they acknowledge that plans can change and evolve as work flows. “The Los Renegados season pass allowed its content to be built throughout the year; that will be our reference for the future ”.

This also affects the development of rewards. “We want to reduce the pressure to achieve everything during a single season. In the short term, we will take a step in this direction by adding some selected weapons from seasons 8, 9 and 10 to an engram that will appear during season 11 ”. In the long term they want to make sure that the objects implemented during a time frame “are available during the rest of the year”, they conclude.

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Destiny 2 is currently in full celebration of the first Guardian Games, its particular Olympiad. Although we’ve already passed the equator, you have until May 12 to attend the season’s worthy event of the worthy, which includes exclusive daily rewards and a special aesthetic in the tower. Remember that you can access it on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


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