Bungie openly talks about the first changes Destiny 2’s rewards will undergo for its fourth year. Eververse will be updated.

Bungie begins to spin the first details that they will include in year 4 of Destiny 2. Although we learned that from season 12 we will be able to return to the activities of previous content frames, the company reveals the new details in relation to the reward system .

In each season they will encourage the search and obtaining of armor. These will be obtained during the activities and not with the season pass or in Eververse. Aspirational activities will reward players with Power, items, and accessories.

Expert level weapons will be included for the Trials of Osiris and starting with the thirteenth season new armor, accessories and weapons will be offered. When they say new they refer to unpublished pieces that do not start from a redesign. The next foray will offer a wide assortment of exceptional items of all kinds.

Eververse does not escape the changes. Having lost all traces of micropayments, the sale of ships, Ghost casings, hummingbirds and armor designs based on aspirational activities will cease from season 12.

One of the functions demanded by his community will come throughout the fourth year. Transmutation is a reality in Destiny 2’s future, allowing you to turn armor pieces into universal designs. As Bungie indicates, it can be accessed “with the effort of the game or with silver coins.”

The way in which light powder is obtained will vary. Instead of getting them by character, it will be expanded to the full account. On the other hand, the luminous engrams obtained during the season pass “will include objects from Eververse from year 3” that were previously sold in exchange for silver coins or luminous powder. From then on, this type of engram will be updated every season to include items from the stores of the last three previous ones.

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Remember that Destiny 2 is on the verge of finishing its particular Olympics. You can contribute your grain of sand until next May 12.


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