The design of the next smartwatch of the Korean firm is filtered with much of its details.

Samsung has its own ecosystem already created when it comes to mobile devices. You can have a smartphone, wireless headphones, tablet and smartwatch from the firm and everything works like silk. But today it is time to talk about this last device: the next Galaxy Watch 3 from which multiple details have been leaked on the Net.

Samsung’s next smartwatch leaked

Smartwatches have become the new fashion gadgets. The most classic know how to appreciate the architecture of a traditional watch, but it is a fact that the features they provide are very interesting when connecting with a smartphone. At Samsung they know that their product is quality, but that each year they must innovate and the result may be closer than it seems after leaking the details of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The Sammobile guys are the ones who have echoed the leaked data. To begin with, they have given a possible presentation date that could be next August 5, at which time it would coincide with the Galaxy Note 20 and the much awaited Galaxy Fold 2. But let’s move on to the important thing and that is that most of your technical sheet has already appeared.

Everything indicates that the Galaxy Watch 3 would have two versions: one with a 1.2-inch screen and the other with a 1.4-inch screen, an invaluable detail that translates into an architecture of 43 or 45 millimeters respectively. In addition, they will be protected by a Gorilla Glass DX. They will have their own internal storage system, which will not be expandable but will have capacity for 8 GB of space and 1 GB of RAM. However, this difference in size will make notable the amount of internal battery that will go from 247 mAh to 340 mAh in the larger version.

Among the rest of the specifications we find LTE connectivity, so it can be used to receive calls from the device, GPS and an IP68 resistance to dust and water. Some of the new dials on the device and a feature to find out blood pressure have also been leaked.

Of what nothing is known yet is the price that the device will reach, something that we will surely know the day of its presentation that promises to be a little more than a month away.


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