“The Suicide Squad” promises to be an incredible movie, full cast, behind-the-scenes footage and a new poster revealed at the DC FanDome

Yesterday the DC FanDome was held , where it had been promised that many details would be revealed about the new productions of the DC universe among which were the Su * cida Squad , Batman, among others.

This time we will address the details that were released about the Suicide Squad and its members, including the famous and beloved Harley Quinn.

Among the things that were revealed were some behind the scenes never seen before, as well as the new poster that announces all the characters of the new production which is one of the most anticipated by fans and so far absolutely nothing had been shown .

The director of the film, James Gunn continued with his recording since April, of course with all the safety and health measures, always looking to finish the firm to launch it in 2021 and ensuring that so far there are no reasons to move the release date of his great movie Suicide Squad .

At the DC FanDome, the first trailer for the film was revealed, which left the loyal fans with much to be desired, since the clip shows various animated images about the characters and although it presents them all, it simply shows them in a style of photographs. -comic.

The good thing about the trailer is that it presents the full cast and their respective roles for the film, some actors who had already participated in the first film are returning, such as Viola Davis, who plays Amanda waller, Margot Robbie playing her great role from Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman as Rick flag and finally Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang.

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On the other hand, the video in which the behind-the-scenes footage of the film was revealed shows much more content than the other previously mentioned, because in this we can see the actors in action, while they record those great scenes that hit the screens and will surely end up being one of the best anti-Hero movies ever made.

The actors and actresses that make up the film are surprisingly: John Cena playing Peacemaker, Idris Elba playing Bloodsport, Sean Gunn playing Weasel, Juan Diego playing the President, Peter Capaldi playing The Thinker, Michael Rooker playing Savant, Flula Borg playing Javelin, Joaquin Cosio playing General Mateo, Pete Davidson playing Blackguard, Daniela Melchoir playing Ratcatcher, Nathan Fillion playing TDK, Mayling Ng playing Mongal, David Dastmalchian playing Polka Dot Man and Alice Braga playing Sol Soria.

The release date of this app designed for 2021, although there is still no day and month and it is worth mentioning that it will not be a sequel to the first film so they will present us with a totally new and fresh theme.

It is worth mentioning that another of the biggest surprises was the Batman trailer , which has left several Internet users surprised, because in the small scenes in which Robert Pattinson appears it seems to reflect that it will be a very good movie, although others have already announced that they will not waste time watching it, perhaps in the future they will and be surprised.


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