Millions of people switched from home to work model as a precaution against the Corona virus pandemic. Google also decided to stop adding new features for Chrome and Chrome OS to keep the software running as smoothly as possible.

Prioritize security updates
Google Developers made a statement on the subject with a tweet. He acknowledged that “regulated work programs” caused the company to pause in “Chrome and Chrome OS versions”. Saying that their goal is to ensure that they are stable, secure and reliable for everyone who trusts them, Google added that “we will give priority to security updates” for now, adding that some of them will be released in Chrome 80.

Google does not want to risk its users with errors that can make life more difficult for those who do their work in Chrome on these stressful days.

Still, it seems that there will be no new feature updates coming soon. Chrome 81 version is currently in beta testing. In this current situation, it is unclear when Google plans to restart regular updates.

Earlier this week, Google said it could take longer for Android app reviews because it sent their office staff home because of the Corona virus outbreak. Of course, the same is true for YouTube. YouTube also said it would rely on AI algorithms to continue controlling content by taking measures to protect its staff.

It seems that we will see more of these announcements in the future, as most of Google and other technology companies are now working from home and the impact of this crisis will become clearer in the coming weeks.


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