Devolver Digital, which publishes Hotline Miami, Loop Hero and many more, said they have two mobile games to be released later this year.

Devolver Digital, one of the important names in the game world, is mostly known for the independent games they publish. Devolver, which brought many successful productions to the game world, gave the good news of two games this year.

Two Mobile Games Are Coming From Devolver

The Texas-based video game publisher has announced that two different mobile games will be released at the end of this year, with its share on its official Twitter account. Unfortunately, not many details were shared about the games, but they said that both will be F2P, meaning free to play. They also stated that their game was “strange”.

Devolver Digital will participate in the game fair E3, which will be held this year. We’ll learn more details about Devolver’s games there. It is highly likely to be featured at E3, as they are considering releasing the games later this year. We hope we can see the quality of their other games.


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