Did you know that Stephen Amell, Jared Padalecki and Tom Welling have joined forces to raise their wages? Here’s what it really is!

An unexpected revelation! Yes, the meltynauts, even if the actor has now hung up his Arrow costume, he will remain the green archer for a long time in the hearts of the fans. While Stephen Amell reacted to Grant Gustin’s message concerning the racist remarks of Hartley Sawyer, know that the actor was long paid less than his co-stars as he revealed during his stay on the podcast of Michael Rosenbaum in 2018: “When I had to renegotiate my first contract, things got a little weird and a little personal. The only problem I had at the very start of filming, and I think it lasted until the end of the second season is that I was only the fourth or fifth highest paid in the series, because I didn’t have a lot of lines. ”

He goes on to say: “They gave me what they called a little gift after season 2 by increasing my salary without asking anything in return. My problem was very simple and I replied:” Honestly, I am working much more than anyone else “especially in the first two seasons and it was much more disproportionate than it is now. (…) We are actors, we are sensitive and we take everything personally so it’s difficult. It’s also hard to argue with Warner Bros. studios because they’ve been in business forever. I told myself that Arrow’s entity was bigger than me and that I was replaceable.” In the meantime, know that Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker are very close.


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