With the help of crosslinkers and blowers added into chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam, it is extruded and expanded by baking. Polyethylene foam is known to have mechanical and high physical properties thanks to its cross-linked structure. These chemical cross-linked polyethylene foams have a larger cell structure and a rough surface compared to physical cross-linked polyethylene foam. It is used in many areas that are intended to be protected from moisture, sound, heat and impacts. It can also be produced as roll, pipe, plate cut for different areas.



Chemical Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam

Chemical cross-linked polyethylene foams are resistant to cuts, punctures and tears thanks to their cross-linked structure. And thanks to the packaging material Pe foam, it provides a protection and an efficient solution for various packaging applications. Cross-linked polyethylene foams do not cause scratching of sensitive products and equipment in the area of ​​use. During the manufacture of cross-linked foams, physically cross-linked polyethylene foam is obtained with ultraviolet rays.

Properties of Chemical Cross Linked Polyethylene Foams

It has a closed cell structure and is water and moisture proof.
It has an effective sound absorption and heat insulation capacity.
It does not contain fungi and bacteria and is also odorless.
Environment friendly
It does not contain HCFC and harmful / banned.
It is produced in accordance with the standards of Restriction of Hazardous Substances, restricting the use of toxic substances and the use of lead.
It is not affected by chemicals and outdoor conditions.
It does not collapse and recovers after impact.
It is shaped by heat.
It can be produced in roll or sheet form and in various colors upon request.
Lamination can be made as optional foil (double and single side), fabric, films, tape or according to the special request of the customer.
It can also be produced with its flame retardant feature.
It is suitable for use in a wide temperature range.
It is easy to apply thanks to its lightness.

Usage Areas and Application Areas of Chemical Cross Linked Polyethylene Foams

  • Building Industry
  • Shoes and bags
  • Automotive; It is also used in pan, engine, hood and driver cabin insulation, door panels, linings (seats), mats, floors and carpets, vehicle insulation and sunscreens.
  • Household appliances; It is used in anti-sound as well as anti-vibration, guards, insulation and packaging.
  • Electronic – electricity; It is also used in the protection of electronic cards and packaging.
  • Furniture; It is used in polyethylene corners of furniture such as wood, glass and metal for storage, transportation and protection with edge protector foams, and also in the manufacture, packaging and decoration of seats, cushions, doors.
  • Defense industry; It is used in military clothing, bags, protection of military equipment, defense industry, flame retardant, protection, packaging, sound and heat insulation.
  • Packaging; It is used in white goods, computers and accessories, glass, electronics and electricity, handicrafts, ceramics, surgical equipment and medical products, it is used in the packaging and protection of defense industry products and other sensitive and fragile materials.


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