WOWCube, which has 24 LCD screens, can change the images dynamically according to the applications. WOWCube with a very capable system will be on the market soon

WOWCube, which was chosen as the most innovative product at the CES 2020 fair with the votes of the participants and which is the guest of honor at CES 2021, is planning to start selling in a short time.

What is WOWCube?
WOWCube can be described as a digital Rubik’s Cube, but its capabilities are much more than that. The product looks like the usual four Rubik cubes. However, due to its hardware, it is slightly larger than the standard Rubik’s cube.

All surfaces of the cube, which has a total of 24 surfaces, are covered with an IPS LCD screen. The screens are at a resolution of 240×240 pixels. 8 micro controllers allow you to control the screens. The controllers can go up to 1.7GHz in total. The 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer follow the movements. In addition to the 8-channel sound system, Bluetooth 4.2 is available.

Interaction happens when you turn the pieces or move the cube. Each screen transmits data automatically with smart links to each other. It also supports cube fast charging, which can be played for 8 hours, and there are Android and iOS apps for WowCube. All games are transferred to cube through this application. Since it has a different design, it has an important potential in terms of content. In addition to the standard Rubik’s cube game, connecting pipes, maze or arcade-style games can be played.

In addition, there are countless possibilities to use screens as widgets, control smart home systems, and reflect various information on the screen. Many content has already taken place in stores. WOWCube product, which started prototype production in the summer, will announce sales details after CES 2021.


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