In the mobile industry, chipset manufacturers are in deep competition. While displaying Qualcomm skills from one place, on the other hand, MediaTek, which has a cheaper cost, exhibits its skills. Huawei’s situations are a bit complicated. Although the company is a performance champion in its own chips, it can finish the Kirin chipset, which is popular due to US sanctions, at any time. However, words are not enough to describe MediaTek’s recent success. Because once the worst chipset manufacturer has now begun to power even flagship phones. Here is the Dimensty MT689x chipset, which the Taiwanese chip manufacturer will bring as a competitor to the Snapdragon 865.



Dimensty MT689x will be very ambitious

MediaTek Dimensty MT689x, shown as a competitor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset, will have very ambitious features. According to reports, this new chipset from the Taiwanese manufacturer will support screen refresh rates up to 160Hz. Undoubtedly, this may be the best chipset to be preferred in future flagships and gaming phones. On the other hand, since the cost of the chip will be cheap, phones equipped with this chipset are expected to be affordable. This sounds pretty good too.

Let’s see what more surprises MediaTek will make us with this chipset on January 20? Let’s wait and see ..


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