Actor Adam Driver has revealed the only thing he thinks is missing from his character in Star Wars.

It seems that it is not only George Lucas who is disappointed with the ultimate Star Wars trilogy! Actor Adam Driver, who plays the legendary role of Kylo Ren, Rey’s antagonist with whom he shares a Dyad of the Force, came back during an interview about his biggest disappointment caused by the last three opuses. of the franchise. And it directly concerns his own character since it is a detail of the intrigue that the actor would have liked to see appear in the rest of the saga. And for good reason, as part of his interview with journalist Lev Grossman for Vanity Fair, Adam Driver revealed the aspect of the script missing from the narrative arc of Ben Solo (aka Kylo Ren) which he could have done, according to him, all the difference.

Remarks that the journalist thus shared in turn with the site Inverse, declaring: “Like everyone else I would have liked to know more about Kylo’s childhood. I thought they would come back to show us why he s ‘was really turned to the dark side “. Before continuing: “Adam Driver had a lot of interesting thoughts on Ben Solo’s childhood on this subject. He said that Han Solo and Leia were too absorbed in themselves and in this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthemselves in as a hero to be truly attentive parents to how the young and tender Kylo Ken really needed. ” Before concluding: “There really weren’t a lot of scenes [about it] in the film, so I just think we have to assume that his childhood was zero”.

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According to Lev Grossman, actor Adam Driver would not have appreciated seeing the strange parental link that linked Kylo Ren with his parents left out. However, considering Han Solo and Leia as too selfish and preoccupied parents to care for their only son, to the point of creating a dull anger in the latter, are great answers. Indeed, they allow in particular to explain why Ben Solo in lack of affection preferred to take refuge in the Dark Side of the Force, then allowing himself to be consumed by rage, until becoming the antagonist that we know. Too bad indeed, for not having seen this element of the narrative arc of Kylo Ren much more developed! Also discover this cut monster that gave Kylo Ren a much better quest in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker.


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