Disco Elysium is already in the main compatible stores, after previously appearing on Steam and GOG, and also being available on Mac.

It is difficult to think of someone who has the Epic Games Store app installed on their PC and not Steam, but if that is the case, that someone is in luck since Disco Elysium, one of the most successful RPGs of recent years, is already Available in the Fortnite Creators Store. In this way, and after adapting to very modest teams, the ZA / UM game only remains to be released for consoles, something that will happen in the coming months.

Thus, it can already be purchased at the price of 39’99 euros, being available, obviously, also on Steam –and also GOG-, and since last April, on Mac. The Estonian studio has also announced that the console ports are in development, and will reach the three current platforms: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was made during the Guerrilla Collective, one of the many summer digital events that we can enjoy to satisfy the cravings of a canceled E3 2020, due to, as we know, the coronavirus health crisis.

A completely essential RPG

“Excellence does not require action, it only takes commitment and brilliant writers willing to leave their eyelashes writing a monumental work of which many will not read half the pages, because the objective is not to tell a story, but many, not as many as your imagination allows, but enough to feel that it is your story, yours and personal and nobody else’s, ”wrote Francisco Serrano in his analysis of Disco Elysium, in this house. And it is that this game that came hidden would end up uncovering itself as one of the best games of the year 2019, decorated with multiple awards in prizes such as The Game Awards or BAFTAs.

And it is that, in effect, the game is completely focused on the story and the narrative, with great dialogues and multiple options in these, and on the contrary, it completely dispenses, in a brave decision and without predictors, of combat. In addition, it will soon have a translation into Spanish by the work of the DLAN Clan.

In short, Disco Elysium is now available on PC and Mac through Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG, and it will do so in the future, on a date yet to be announced, on consoles.


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